How to bypass MDA restriction using proxy hidemyass for porn site

Sick of the MDA in Singapore blocking all your porn site? We had a solution will step by step teaching you to overcome the restriction in Singapore and enjoy free online pornography. For demonstration we will use which is blocked in Singapore.

Step 1: Go to, click on "hidemyass button" with address in field.
Step 2: Type in xvideo and press search. Leave out "www' or ".com"
Step 3: Click on the first result and you will bypass the MDA restriction.

Sometime you will get an error which you can't access to the site, happen to me 20% of the time, this is due to the proxy used for alternate country had restrict the website also. Hence you can change the path of the proxy as show below. Alternatively, you can repeat the whole process again as they will randomly pick proxy from random country. You will sure to get in after a few attempts.

I create a short cut URL with hidemyass access to xvideos. Click here.